Supporting “The Homeschoolers of Brooklyn” Team in the First Lego League

ImageDedicated to giving back to the community, Ted Doudak, CEO of Riva Precision, is very passionate about his work as a coach. Coaching what? “I enjoy giving back and coaching kids in the First Lego League. Our team, which is sponsored by Riva, is the “Home Schoolers of Brooklyn,” we have some of the youngest locals kids, but it is great to see them get so excited about science.” A robotic program for 9 to 14 year olds, the league gets kids excited about technology, engineering, and science, giving them the opportunity to program an autonomous robot and participate in team challenges, official tournaments, and scoring points on themed playing surfaces.  Learning skills that are useful in both life and the workplace, teams fundraise, go on field trips, and create a team identity. With over 20,000 teams in over 61 countries, it provides exposure to international thought processes. Engaging in Robotics and team challenges, teams learn about the science involved and about professions in the industry, exposing them to learning about new job possibilities at a young age. In 2010, the subject was “Improving Transportation.” The “Home Schoolers of Brooklyn” studies the Red Light Camera” and its impact on safe driving. In 2011, another group of home schooled kids was formed to participate in “medical advancement to make life more comfortable.” The group studied brain surgery from pre-historic days of the Inca to current procedures that rely on robotics in the ER rooms.” Home Schoolers of Brooklyn” won awards at each participation. But more importantly, each child received an opportunity to learn about science and technology in an environment that only First Lego League competitive tournaments can provide.  This is the third year that Ted has coached.  He says of the experience, “When you are given the opportunity to be part of the exploration game those children goes through, you are actually impacting their lives and their future.”Image