Career Coaching at GIA, New York with Terry Ianuale and Maria Tsangaropoulos

Encouraging and supporting staff in their efforts to give back to the industry, Riva was proud that two members of staff, Terry Ianule (Strategic Product Advisor, Riva Precision Manufacturing) and Maria Tsangaropoulos (Product Director, Riva Precision Manufacturing and Director of Mentoring for the WJA Metro Chapter), were career coaches at the GIA Career Fair on July 30th, 2012. Says Ted Doudak, CEO of Riva Precision Manufacturing, “I am delighted to see Terry and Maria speak to students and job-seekers about their passion for the manufacturing industry and jewelry. Networking and continuous learning is the key to success, and both Terry and Maria have been enthusiastic and positive ambassadors of the industry and Riva Precision.”

The Career Fair was attended by those coming from all walks of life, including: GIA graduates, current students, as well as those looking for a career change or re-entry in the business. The fair offered a variety of networking opportunities, insight into industry news and trends, as well as companies actively recruiting for job opportunities. An event held annually in Carlsbad and occasionally supplemented in New York, local job seekers were thrilled the event was being held in 2012. After registration and a welcome by Kathryn Kimmel (Vice President and CMO, GIA), there was an inspirational panel discussion moderated by Donna Baker, President and CEO of the GIA. Entitled “Job Success in Today’s Market,” panelists included Ann Arnold (CEO, Lieberfarb), Lex Graham (Betteridge), Rahul Kadakia (Jewelry Department Head of Christie’s, New York) and David Yurman. In addition to the panel, there was a room where companies looking to hire exhibited and interviewed candidates in an open space, posting job openings they were looking to fill. As one checked out the tables, there was opportunity to attend a talk by Paola DeLuca called “What’s Hot and Why: Decoding Sociocultural Trends in Jewelry Design.”

Another room at the GIA Career Fair had many of the top industry players sitting at tables, engaging in one-on-one 15 minute coaching sessions with job-seekers. Because of the desirability of the coaching sessions, most signed up ahead of time, especially since the Career Fair was promoted in leading trade publications, making it a “go to” event. Generally, specializations within the industry were grouped nearby each other in the career coaching room. For example, jewelry manufacturers were near each other, career entrepreneurs had a section, PR and marketing players were seated near each other etc. The GIA did an outstanding job placing job-seekers and students with the appropriate mentor, and shifted people around so there was adequate time spent learning and receiving advice from those who were most in-line with one’s future goals. Career Coaches also referred their mentees to other coaches when appropriate, building an exceptional networking and personal growth opportunity.